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Case Study:
Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico

Document Guidelines and Policy Compliance

Tech Group was hired to develop Guidelines to serve as framework in the managing of all the Records within the Government Development Bank. The responsibility to manage the documents lies under the Department of Administration and Security and within this Department, the System and Procedure Division.

The GDB, as any governmental agency, is obliged to comply with a range of statutory requirements. In particular, it is required to comply with legislation directed towards ensuring that it:
  • manages the information which it generates and receives in the course of its business in an effective and secure manner
  • makes this information available to the public in response to specific requests
  • makes sure the integrity and security of the data is preserved

The deliverables were:

  • BGF Documents Assessment and Recommendations
  • Document and Record Management System Implementation Guidelines
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan for Documents
  • Guidelines for the creation of a Center of Administration and Document Management
  • Document Policy for the BGF

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