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Case Study:
Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico

Document Management System (DMS)

Tech Group defined policies and procedures, establish document classification criteria, developed templates definition for law firm’s / legal departments document management systems. We also have assisted personnel in the data entry for all related documents as well as with its system implementation and configuration.

At the Legal Division (LD) and the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico they were seeking to implement a document management system to keep track of all documents received by both divisions. The scope of this project was to implement a DMS to allow the information to be securely stored, shared by authorized users and easily retrieved when needed.

The security aspect played a key factor because the management required preserving and protecting all the documents produced or received by these Divisions.

Through this system, the BOD was able to access all cases (orden del día) to be discussed during the next meeting. At the operational level, the BOD administrative committee in collaboration Tech Group planned and deployed a re-engineering of the Division to be able to scan and post all documents prior to the board meeting for the members to review and comment.

This solution provided the following capabilities:

  • Document search capability, by specified field or by wild searches
  • Manage document integrity and version control
  • Capacity to handled massive amount of information
  • Optical Character Reader (OCR) and Imaging Capability
  • Allow the Board Members to access the information thru an Intranet

The BOD and the Legal administrative committee decided to enter all documents as of 1992.

To achieve our goal we created four teams with specific tasks and responsibilities. These were:

  • Technical Team to install the system – Tech Group personnel
  • Operational Team for LD – Tech Group’s and Legal Division personnel
  • Operational Team for the BOD – Tech Group’s and BOD personnel
  • Document Classification Team to make sure that the templates/profiles were entered into system in a correct manner. – Tech Group personnel

The document classification team was in charge of assessing document types and requirements and developing the templates for each division (LD and BOD).

The Legal Division Staff was instructed to prospectively enter the information into the system.  Nevertheless, each user was responsible for the classification and profile creation for the previous documents.  A timeframe of six months was given to complete the task.

At the BOD, because of its complexity and document intensive, we divided the data entry in two phases:  One team was entering the information since 1992 and another team was entering the information prospectively.  All documents that were not provided in a digital format were entered into the system using a scanner.

Tech Group was the Project Manager for this project, in charge of monitoring and auditing the documents entered into the system. 

This project was successfully completed in one year.

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