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Case Study:
Department of Housing (Departamento de la Vivienda para Puerto Rico)

Tech Group has been involved in developing a technological infrastructure for the Puerto Rico Department of Housing (DV). The project consisted in building a communication infrastructure to permit the DV to communicate effectively with all its subsidiaries and regional offices. The objective of the DV was to consolidate all the services in an integrated manner to better serve the community.

There are six dependencies adhered to the DV. These are: Public Housing Authority (AVP), ADMV, ARCO, Office of Assets Liquidation of CRUV, HOME and Section 8. The standardization of the technology to integrate all the programs into consolidated databases was part of programmatic strategic plan of the DV.

  • Among the tasks we performed were:
  • Assessment of the previous Network Infrastructure
  • Provide connectivity among the regional offices
  • Standardized Application Development Platform
  • Develop Active Directory for the DV
  • Deploying high-speed backbone for the network
  • Upgrading the Network and reclassifying the TCP/IP class to include all the regional offices and subsidiaries

    • Integrating network management platforms
    • Implementing remote access technology (CITRIX) to run applications
    • Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements, systems, and facilities
    • Microsoft Exchange deployment
    • Software upgrade implementation

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