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Tech Group has been working with Litigation Support Systems since 1986. It has been our experience that as modern society became more technologically advanced the handling of complex cases becomes more dependant of the proper maneuver of information systems.

Tech Group has utilized computer-assisted litigation support (CALS) to allow a lawyer to have ready electronic access to massive amounts of information, without the necessity of fumbling through boxes of documents or leafing through pages of deposition transcripts. This process is performed by developing an index system to be utilized by the courts providing easy retrieval of data.

As part of our legal solutions, we can assist you in the implementation of a document management system for your law firm. This system will transform electronic information into knowledge assets with an enterprise-ready platform that facilitates the capture, sharing, and protection of corporate content resources.

We also can provide document digitalization (document center) to assure not only immediate access to key materials, but also high portability of tremendous volumes of documentary evidence.

We can scan your paper documents, profile and convert then to an electronic image that can be easily accessed, resulting into an efficient document retrieval and storage. The images can be indexed for retrieval by the predefined fields according to client specifications. For example: Client, Matter, Description, Date, Topic, Subject, Name, etc. Depending on file size we can store up to 15,000 images (or document pages) on one CD. This is approximately 100 lbs. of paper. Document retrieval is improved considerably and with proper authorization on your net can access the digitized documents. Tech Group will provide data entry facilities if necessary.

One of the functionality of this program is the ability of creating CD-ROM containing all documents relevant to the case. The CD will have a search index engine to provide the legal staff to retrieve any document either by field from the profile or by wild search.