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We at Tech Group Inc have been providing IT solutions to companies in Puerto Rico since 1984. Throughout our many years of experience we have serviced our clients with the most innovative and modern technological solutions available.

Our staff consists of men and woman whom are professionally qualified in their respective areas of specialization.

We believe that it is our responsibility to be available to our clients and to provide them with services that will enable them to better compete in this ever advancing technological business world.

We envision ourselves as a Holistic IT Business Solution provider because we have experienced the ever growing need for individual businesses to take into account their total operational needs.

In doing this, we bring to our clients the projections needed to enable them to better compete with the most innovative technological solutions, in their respective business field. From the installation of modern computers, state of the art, feasible internal networking, hardware and software, to creating an individualized secure disaster recovery plan.

We will also be there to provide you with Internet Access via Web Development and Web Applications which will enable your company to provide direct services to your clients any where in the world.

Allow us to assist you in becoming more productive and profitable, utilizing our expertise and experience.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage consists in our quality of service personalized to our client’s needs. We are responsible, committed and we understand the sense of the client's urgency when they require of our services. Therefore, we consider their problems as if they were ours and we take immediate corrective action. We measure our productivity based on the obtained results and our customer complete satisfaction. Our methodology is to always focus ourselves in the operation of the entity for which we are providing de service and use technology to maximize productivity. We never use unapplied technology, we always use technology that emphasizes and applied to concept of the operation.

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