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Case Study:
Robinson School

Wireless Technology

Tech Group and Neptuno Networks were involved in the implementation of the first wireless School in Puerto Rico. The first phase of the project consisted in provided a robust communications infrastructure that allows teacher and students access the School’s LAN, including internet secure access.

Robinson School is 100 years old and many buildings have historic value. The School challenged its technology consultants to install campus-wide LAN while preserving the architectural beauty of the campus. To satisfy the requirement, the project plan specified the use of wireless technology, a fiber-optic backbone and category 5e cabling routed to strategically located switch.

Tech Group also provided an e-mail system (internal and external) using Windows 200 MS Exchange. This functionally permits the students and their parents to access the faculty for information.

Task involved:

  • Preliminary design and quote to meet RS Requirements
  • Assessed RS actual system and equipments, provide a Project Plan by phases
  • Network Assessment, Design and implementation
  • Implementation Computer Center
    • Centralized Location
    • Security
    • Space
  • Provide requirements for Room Infrastructure
    • Physical Security — Door Access
    • Electrical Facilities — Independent Breakers
    • Air Conditioning — Dedicated Unit
    • Fire Extinguishers
  • Wireless connectivity
    • Finance & Administrative Building
      • Distance between buildings is too far
      • Cables will be exposed between buildings
    • Classrooms
      • Buildings are too old to install Fiber Optic/Cabling system
      • Distance between classrooms and Computer Center
    • Labs and Libraries
      • Separated Virtual Networks from the backbone
      • Still connected to Mail server and Internet Connection
    • Learning Center
      • Will be connected to the backbone through the Elementary School Laboratory

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